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What to Expect

My photography sessions are unique and designed for each particular client. The images from your session will be individually retouched and artistically edited to create custom works of art for you and your family to cherish.

So if you’re ready to capture keepsake moments and memories, let’s get started!

you send in your deposit to save your date and time.Then just Email or call me and let’s plan the fun details! locations, dates, times, what type of session, what you might want to bring, etc After those details have been figured out, In the meantime, while we are both getting so excited for your session date to roll around, You decide what to wear.

Once your date is finally here, We will have a blast taking pictures! There will be lots of laughing and smiling and simply having a good time. When the session is over, I will confirm the best way to contact you. Over the next 10-14 days (weddings take longer) I will work to ensure each of your photographs is looking its very best. I will then be posting your photos for you to look at in your online photo gallery. After viewing your photos, you will be able to order all of the prints, canvases, photo boxes, books, albums, cards, etc that your heart desires.

You then E-mail or call me and we will place your order.

About another week or two later you will have your wonderful new photographs to cherish forever and proudly display in your home!

What to Wear

So what should you wear? What ever you want! However. I do encourage people to wear bold and vivid colors (whites and pastels do not always photograph well) Clothing is very important in a photograph. Wearing layers adds interest and texture, chunky sweaters, buttons, fun jewelry, ribbons, ruffles, hats, scarves, ties, funky shoes, boots, tights, etc, all add extra detail and will make your photos visually pop that much more. Also families look best in colors that blend well together. Not matchy matchy but coordinating. Oh and depending on the type of session you book, I will suggest other items you may want to bring, maybe your pet?… They are welcome as long as you have someone there who can tend to them while your session goes on. But the bottom line is you have to feel good in what you wear! Jeans are always awesome, but dresses work fabulous too. if you have any questions, you are welcome and encouraged to discuss clothing with me prior to your portraits. You can also bring a few outfits so that we have options. You are welcome to change as many times as our session time permits!

What is a Print Release? Do I own the copyrights?

Simple, a Print Release is basically a form that you will get with your CD/DVD of images if purchased, it allows you to print your photos where ever you want and as many as you want . and therefore you do not have to go through me for your prints. However, I am not responsible for any printing not done by my own lab. I use labs that provide quality printing that you may not get elsewhere. I highly recommend printing through my lab. The pictures are fantastic! Furthermore, you do not own the copyrights… just the right to print them. Maggie Collins photography owns the copyrights to your photos.

What happens if I have to cancel ?

I understand that emergencies happen and things come up. I am willing to work with you on rescheduling a session. But I do ask that you provide me with at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation. If you decide to cancel and not reschedule another session, you forfeit your deposit. If you’d like to reschedule a session, it must be within a month of your first scheduled session which you canceled.

Do you do restorations on damaged and old photos?

Yes I do. Please contact me for more details. pricing is determined on how much time and work needs to be done to the photo.

Turn your images into art!

prints, products, digital files and more

Wanting to book a session?  Let's get in touch!